‘effective washdown between production runs are critical for compliance to food hygiene and safety legislation. we also aim to minimise change-over time and optimise plant availability.

2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 has provided kelloggs with a bespoke pipeworked system based on clena’s industrial high-volume low-pressure jet washing machines with multiple outlets across the factory. the solution has enabled the challenge to be met successfully – complete regulatory compliance and high levels of production line utilisation.

gareth mcnally, power and controls manager, kelloggs.

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industrial cleaning equipment for food and drink industry
industrial cleaning equipment for food and drink industry

efficient and effective food plant maintenance


meeting exacting hygiene and safety regulations whilst providing high levels of availability and performance of process and packaging plant is key to success in the food and drink manufacturing sector.

2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 provides a range of solutions for regulatory compliance combined with efficient and effective plant maintenance. from daily wash-down through deep-clean and decontamination processes to dust extraction/environment control and vacuum materials handling and recycling technology 2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 provides the world’s best industrial cleaning and mhe products harnessing the latest technology for outstanding results every time.

the high performance of the 2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 ’s cleaning systems drastically reduces cleaning and maintenance time ensuring that expensive machinery and equipment is available for use when needed.

bespoke solutions for specific customer requirements are a speciality.

uniquely for the sector, 2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 has an in-house. uk-wide engineering expertise to support a comprehensive aftercare service tailored to the customer requirement.

machinery and equipment is available for sale, lease, contract hire or short term hire.

in-situ clean

 dry ice blasting
full dry ice production and cleaning systems.

factory cleandown

clena static industrial jet washer
pipeworked multi-outlet washdown systems and crate-washing.

deep-clean and decontamination

 dry steam conveyor belt cleaner
automatic conveyor and production line cleansing.

facility cleaning, dust extraction and materials handling

dust management, vacuum materials handling and cleaning systems.

retail distribution & storage

to meet the challenges of ensuring the ‘cold chain’ is maintained in storage and delivery (including home delivery), deep-clean and decontamination, and facility and vehicle cleaning, 2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 ’s range of world-leading machinery and equipment provides the perfect solution.

a complete dry-ice production system provides autonomous and reliable cooling capability whilst dry-ice, dry steam and high-pressure water cleaning provides solutions to the toughest cleaning challenge. our range of portable vacuum units ensures a clean and safe operating environment.

full cooling capability

 dry ice pelletiser
in-process temperature control for production.

equipment and vehicle cleaning

trusted world-wide for unrivalled performance and reliability.

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