we needed a robust, mobile and fully self-contained wet dustless blasting system to maintain our decks whilst on the seas.

2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 ’s torbocar ac 50 fitted the bill perfectly. it has proved remarkably efficient and reliable.

i would strongly recommend.

captain mark causon, andrew weir shipping.

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cleaning solutions for marine & offshore maintenance

2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 are experts and lead the field in industrial cleaning, repair and maintenance in the marine and offshore sector. we are the uk’s number one choice for effective and efficient rust-removal, surface preparation, hull and deck refurnishment, anti-fouling and removal and recycling of sludge and abrasive materials.

our torbocar is in action below blasting a boat to powerfully remove old coatings and corrosion. surface preparation for marine maintenance is made easy with the torbocar which is safe to use on all surfaces. the torbocar guarantees shortest set-up times with mobility and high productivity.

boat and ship maintenance

whether in dry-dock or on the high seas, essential cleaning and maintenance is critical to the effective operation of shipping fleet.

from automated hull refurbishment through deck cleaning to general cleanliness for safe and effective operations, 2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 has the complete solution for your maintenance needs. there is full atex-approval across our product range.

hard surface clean and maintain

oil rig and pipeline

routine maintenance on rig or pipeline maintenance in the field is essential for safe and effective operations in the sector.

2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 ’s automated dustless abrasive blasting systems, technologically-advanced dry-ice blasting solutions and general-purpose premium portable vacuum units provide a one-stop shop for all cleaning and maintenance needs. there is full atex-approval across our product range.

hard surface clean and maintain

 dry ice blasting

facility cleaning

 portable industrial vacuum systems

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13 oct

new 卡塔尔2022世界杯赛程 dry ice reformer a700ri

the new and improved 卡塔尔2022世界杯赛程 dry ice reformer a700ri is available now to order from 2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 . make dry ice blocks out of dry ice pellets!

14 sep

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find out about 2022世界杯美洲预赛赛程 's relationship with 卡塔尔2022世界杯赛程 , the current uk dry ice market and latest trends in this q&a feature.

20 aug

highways england graffiti innovations

it was great to take part in the recent highways england testing session to look at innovative ways to remove graffiti on the road network.